Corgi Spirits Pembroke Gin

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Queen Elizabeth is famed for her lifelong love of Pembroke Corgis. That connotation alone may cause some surprise when you find out that Corgi Spirits Pembroke Gin is distilled in Jersey City, New Jersey, United States. Pembroke Gin may be inspired by Britain. but the distillery is proud of its Jersey City heritage.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Herbal, slightly mentholic herbal notes complement aromatic citrus and floral bouquet.

Coriander and thyme early segues into an accord of jammy orange-citrus. Piney/Green juniper and pink peppercorn pop through.

Flavor: Gentle herbal notes early evolve on a warm, but balanced palate with heavy citrus and bright floral facets.

Throughout the palate, Pembroke Gin has hints of fresh, almost floral lemon thyme. Herbaceous juniper mid-palate. Late, flashes of spice including pink peppercorn add brightness to thick, pithy grapefruit flesh and lemon oil.

The finish is moderately long with mild astringency.


Pembroke Gin is a fantastic Gin and Tonic gin. While delightfully contemporary and slightly exotic in its presentation, it has enough classic gin character to be immediately recognizable as a gin.

Further, I liked it in a Negroni and Martini. In the former, the intense flavor stood through. In the latter, the smoothness of the Potato spirit and beautiful aroma won the day.

Overall, Pembroke Gin

Corgi Spirits have masterfully blended contemporary botanicals with classic gin flavor. The resulting gin is a winner with Transatlantic appeal.

Highly Recommended. 


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