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Corgi Spirits are based out of Jersey City, New Jersey. Their line of gins, including their Corgi Spirits Earl Grey Gin all are inspired by England but proudly distilled in the states.

Similar to other gins in the Corgi Spirits lineup, it’s made from a potato base spirit. Earl Grey Gin is first distilled, then Harney & Sons Earl Grey Tea is macerated in with the gin. The resulting spirit looks a bit like Earl Grey Tea with deep umber hue.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Heavy black tea with notes of lemon and bergamot. There’s a detectable hint of juniper on the edges there, but the nose is pretty straightforward.

Flavor: Nicely balanced with the tea and gin flavors each present on the palate. Smooth with very little tannins present.

The botanicals are rather sedate and present. Early, smooth with clean tea flavor. The lack of tannins throughout really help the tea and gin flavor come through. Juniper sparkles mid-palate with hints of sweet lemon, coriander and a touch of lavender. The finish has some pleasant spice notes as well, but tea and citrus oil dominate the long finish. Surprisingly sweet in presentation with the botanicals and tea perhaps suggestive of tea with sugar.

The slightest hint of gin/ethanol astringency and tea astringency are present, but sipping you may not even notice.


Personally I’ve always found that tea gins often perform well in places where you might normally like tea (or warmth). Try Corgi Spirits Earl Grey Gin in a Hot Toddy. 

But further, bartenders may find it well suited to more general cocktail craft where a slight tea flavor might be a nice addition. The Tom Collins comes to mind. Mixed drink fans may like it in a Gin and Lemonade. I think it works better on its own than it does in a Gin and Tonic. The bitterness from the tonic doesn’t compliment the flavor and is not recommended.

Overall, Corgi Spirits Earl Grey Gin

The Earl Grey Tea Gin market is suddenly getting pretty crowded. Bartenders may find themselves preferring COIT Spirits Earl Grey Gin because it is clear, distilled and has a great earl grey flavor.

If color isn’t an issue, Corgi Spirits makes a remarkably accessible Earl Grey Gin that has all the best of the earl grey flavor with none of the bitterness. Some gin purists may find it a bit light on juniper, but I think the balance of the juniper that is there with the tea flavor they get from their maceration makes Corgi Spirits’ Earl Grey Gin a winner.



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  1. I visited the distillery a couple of weeks ago and did a flight of gin tasting. Great place to go if you’re in the area. The Earl Grey Gin has been my go to during the 2022 summer. With fresh lemon juice and a bit of simple syrup, it’s superb. I also add a fresh mint leaf on top. It was also great to taste their other gins that aren’t available at your local liquor store. Love the Very Merry and Barrel Rested gins. To me, they are like an after dinner drink sipper. Just pour some over a large ice cube. Lovely spices.