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Lloyd Distillery writes that Bixby Gin was “inspired by a springtime hike in Big Sur,” the absolutely stunning undeveloped region of California coastline, roughly off of California highway 1. Bixby refers to the Bixby Canyon Bridge , which is more than just a great Deathcab for Cutie song, it’s now also a ginspiration (I couldn’t resist).

Bixby Gin is distilled over direct fire in a custom built still and features locally foraged ingredients like bay laurel, in addition to home grown white sage.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Sage, coriander and pine forward with a complex, aromatic nose with herbal and green facets.

Flavor: Jammy with sweet orange rind, rose hip jam leading into heady coriander with rosewood facets on the finish. Moderately long finish with spice and floral notes shrouded in a camphorous sage haze.

Juniper is quiet, but present.


Being floral and herbal in equal (and large) amounts puts Bixby Gin squarely on trend in 2019-20 with the rise of savory gins. Ideal in a Martini, it pairs well with savory, vegetal co-stars.

Bartenders should treat Bixby Gin as a specialty gin that works well in some applications more than others. It’s fantastic in a Last Word or Arsenic and Old Lace.

Overall, Bixby Gin

Bixby Gin is a bold, flavorful, contemporary style gin. It’s bold aromatic character stands out in cocktails and mixed drinks.

Some will find it a bit light on juniper; however, that being notes, it has enough that is still recognizable as gin.

Overall, it’s a loud gin that won’t be overpowered in drinks. Further, it will appeal to fans of herbal and floral styles.


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