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Akori Gin sounds Japanese— so much so that when I grabbed this gin to try, I had assumed it was a Japanese Gin. However, it is a Spanish distilled gin inspired by Japan.

Dragon Fruit (a cactus native to the Americans, now naturalized worldwide), along with Kumquats and ginger root are infused into rice spirit. The disclosed botanicals and rice base draw inspiration from Japan and the gin is bottled at 42% ABV,

Tasting notes

Aroma: Slightly more quiet than I expected with little to decorate the ethanol other than some hints of ginger and citrus.

Flavor: A flash of bright citrus early, then Akori Gin becomes earthier with ginger root and hints of apple. But it’s the spice notes that give dominant impression. Resinous juniper lays a quiet, present foundation, but it hardly raises to predominant.

Some rough edges where raw ethanol flavor comes through; however, unlike some Japanese gins distilled from rice Akori doesn’t have any of those delicate grain and sake notes. The base spirit is truly more neutral.

Finish: Intimations of ginger bread, faint tropical fruit, and a touch of vanilla A pretty fair amount of warmth throughout.

Cocktails and suggested serves

Akori Gin might be a touch rough around the edges for sipping neat or being made into a Martini. However, mixed it works quite well. The Negroni is enhanced with a touch of earthy, rich ginger. It mixes well with a crisp sweet tonic water garnished with fresh lemon or lime.

Bartenders will find it mixes well; however, juniper becomes quickly buried in the background. Akori Gin may be more for fans of contemporary gins.

Overall, Akori Gin

Akori Gin, while inspired by Japanese Gin, doesn’t quite reach the high bar set by its inspiration. A touch rough, it works well as a mixing gin for fans of ginger and spice forward gins; however, overall it’s hard to recommend when there’s so many other spice-forward gins that are ultimately more balanced and successful.

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