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The Electric Spirit Co. Distillery was founded in 2017 by native-Edinburgher, and one of the palates behind Lind & Lime Gin, James Porteous. Their flagship Achroous Gin features seven botanicals including Szechuan peppercorn.

By the way, their bright red bottles are a pun on the name. Achroous means colorless.

Tasting notes

Color: Perfectly clear

Aroma: Juniper, some dusty spice and coriander, and a touch of cubeb. Slightly peppery with the fennel coming out a touch more as it sits.

Flavor: Sweet hints of Sezchuan peppercorn throughout, with a lot of pepperiness— including some hints of bell pepper and Fresno chile (no heat, just the flavor). Mid-palate, fennel, chewy licorice and a bit more cubeb. Late, it’s still peppery but with an herbaceous juniper note.

Finish: Rather long and warm, with Szechuan pepper, a touch of lemon zest and a slowly fading gentle spice.

Cocktails and suggested serves

Achroous Gin is ideal for a Negroni where it’s natural spice can come through and complement the sweetness of the Campari. I would stick to pairing this gin with earthy/herbal mixers like Sweet Vermouth, Chartreuse and Benedictine. I think it is less successful in sweeter or dessert like cocktails

Overall Achroous Gin

Achroous Gin celebrates an unusual botanical by keeping it at the fore throughout the nose and palate. While it reads as a more diverse set of peppery botanicals— not just Szechuan peppercorn— whether or not you like this gin will rest solely on whether or not you like that note.

Fortunately, it’s done well. It is a bit light in juniper and citrus. But for gin fans who prefer a spicier gin, that celebrates the more floral side of spice, Achroous Gin is a solid contemporary gin that tastes quite different from almost anything else. Worth trying at a bar first, but it’s a well made gin that is fun and in the right cocktail program— it is a winning spirit.

Recommended in its flavor category.


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