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The Lind in Lind and Lime Gin refers to Dr. James Lind, a scientist who is widely held as the person to discover that citrus fruits (and the Vitamin C within) prevented scurvy.

Like all things in history, the truth is rather more complicated. The efficacy of lemons and limes was a well known folk cure among sailors for centuries. Even as early as Vasco De Gama, when his men were suffering from scurvy, a sailor was sent ashore to procure oranges for the sick sailors. [Source, and a great article on Dr. Lind]

Lind may not have discovered it, but he applied the scientific method to the problem by conducting tests, which resulted in wider acceptance of the folk cure as fact. And nearly three centuries later, he gets his name celebrated in a gin. Save lives, get a gin named after you— not such a bad deal, eh?

Tasting Notes

Nose: Clear nose with citrus (especially lime) and juniper.

Flavor: Citrus and juniper early. Sweet orange and lime, segue into green juniper. However, the spice which was barely a whisper comes slightly more assertively— hints of coriander, pepper cubeb and angelica tie things together.

Finish: Clean and classic. Lind and Lime Gin has a very restrained warmth. The finish has notes of sour lime zest, Seville Orange, green juniper and a hint of spice. Relatively low intensity but prolonged.


Lind and Lime Gin brings a citrus-forward classic gin flavor to cocktails. Citrus is elevated in a Gin and Tonic, especially with a garnish of fresh citrus (Dr. Lind would be proud). But further, the classic gin flavor works well in a Negroni or Last Word. The flavors while not loud are able to stand up to bold ingredients.

Bartenders can mix with Lind and Lime Gin as if a classic style gin and have predictable, reliable results.

Overall, Lind and Lime Gin

Nicely balanced, it manages to make the lime the star without forgetting the rest of the gin flavor profile. The citrus is complemented by juniper and spice throughout. The end result is a rather nice, clean tasting citrus-forward gin that will appeal to both fans of classic and contemporary styles.


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