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Back in the day, they sat down for a gin and tonic at 6 p.m. Or at least the grandfather in fruit liqueur and sloe gin producers Bramley & Gage‘s families did. Hence the inspiration for the name of their 6 o’clock Gin.

When it launched in the UK in 2010, the distillery wasn’t new to making gin. They had long made a dry gin as a base for their sloe gins. However, 6 o’clock Gin was their first foray into making a dry gin for mainstream distribution.

The gin is designed in the London Dry style. It features one unusual botanical— winter savory. A perennial herb, it is much more piquant than its summer relative. it’s best described as having a facets of black pepper, thyme and mint.

6 o’clock gin was newly imported to the United States in 2020. The official gin and tonic hour remains unchanged at 5 p.m. as of publication.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: Very dry, powdery elderflower. Green juniper and herbal notes lend depth.

Flavor: 6 o’clock Gin has a smooth, silky texture. The mouthfeel and body is quite exceptional.

Lemon and sweet orange oil peer out first. Juniper is present throughout. It remains a bit more herbaceous and resinous, never really going full pine. It’s a nice balance as 6 o’clock Gin adds slight hints of black pepper, lemon thyme and angelica.

Finish: Amidst some herbal notes, a gentle warmth pervades. Lemon thyme and coriander lend a nice warm spice note.

Nicely balanced throughout.


6 o’clock Gin has a nice body on its own, which lends itself nicely to spirit forward cocktails like the Arsenic and Old Lace, Gibson or Martini.

It can be a bit overpowered in a Negroni or Martinez. Some of the citrus and juniper comes through, but the nuance in flavor profile is reduced.

Overall, 6 o’clock Gin

With a relatively traditional botanical blend, Bramley & Gage have created a balanced gin, with a great texture and mouthfeel. It will have balanced appeal. With enough citrus and herbal notes to appeal to contemporary gin fans. The juniper is front of mind throughout the palate.



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