Yes, Beefeater Gin is now 44% ABV

It is true— in the United States Beefeater Gin has dialed down the ABV. Formerly Beefeater Gin was bottled at 94 proof or 47% ABV. It has been since turned down to 88 proof or 44% ABV. In either case, it is still higher ABV than in the U.K., for example where it is bottled at 40%.

The recent change brings Beefeater’s flagship gin more in line with the other major gin brands at lower ABV’s; however, it does represent a shift for the esteemed brand who for a long time was a relatively “premium” offering at its price point. This combination of facets led to Beefeater Gin being a well pour of choice at high end cocktail bars. With the change in proof, it will be interesting to see if it maintains its lead in those spaces.

While there was no formal press announcement of the change, people across the states had begun to see the lower ABV Beefeater first begin appearing over the summer. At least, that’s when I first began seeing questions about it on this site.

On Twitter, the decision was explained as follows:

The intention of the ABV change is to provide a more consistent brand experience globally for our consumers. Our Beefeater London Dry Gin at an ABV of 44% recently won a Gold medal at The San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2020.

BeefeaterGin_US on Twitter, 11/17/2020

It remains to be seen if this means that other markets will see their shelf ABV jump to 44% to match the United States experience.

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  1. I’ve been drinking Beefeater for 40 years and started noticing a change in the flavor last fall and I’m not happy! It wasn’t until Christmas that I figured out they had lowered the ABV. It definitely changes the flavor profile. I couldn’t return the two cases i bought at that time so I guess they will gather dust as I search for a new go to brand.

  2. Found a couple 1.75 liters of 94 proof bottles at Walmart liquors in Florida last month January ‘21.Will save these in the back of my liquor cabinet for special occasions. Been drinking this stuff for 50 years. Bring back the good stuff!

  3. Beefeater has been one of the great London dry gins of all time— and has been one my of go-to’s for many years. Now I feel my loyalty to the brand has been betrayed by Pernod Richard watering down the proof of the sprit to a level that impacts the quality of the product. This is a real poke in the eye to your many millions of loyal customers.

    This reminds me of the trend in candy bars where the size shrinks while the price remains unchanged— a shameless and disgraceful grab for money, disrespecting and indeed insulting to your many, many loyal customers.


  4. I honestly don’t know if I could tell the difference since I mainly drink gin in a gin and tonic. However, I’m not sure it’s a good marketing move. I think I would have left it the way it was in America and maybe offered the 80 proof London version as an alternative.

  5. As a longtime gin lover, who’s often been disappointed by the ridiculously high ABV of brands like Junipero, I welcome this change. At age 68, I need to watch my alcohol consumption, but I also like to linger with a strong gin OTR. This works for me, but I can certainly understand how hardier – if not younger – souls may resent it.
    BTW, am I the only one who adds chopped licorice to my DOF glass and muddles it with gin before adding ice???

  6. The lower abv brings out very strong citrus votes gives me heartburn to drink this. What a big disappointment 94 to 88 beefeater gin has always been bold and strong at 94 I’ve went back and forth with the company asking for a replacement or refund and they really don’t give two craps about the costumer. I’m never drinking beefeater again till this screw up on whatever smart person decide to do this. Please bring back the old 94 it’s better

  7. Been drinking Beefeater for over 50 years and definitely noticed a taste difference. Not for the better, I might add. Will switch to Bombay Sapphire.

  8. I’m in the US, and I noticed the change back in February. I haven’t bought a bottle of Beefeater since.

    I buy Tanqueray (94 proof) more often now.

  9. Tanqueray at 94 proof is still inferior to Beefeater at 88 proof. However, I am very disappointed by Beefeater’s decision. If universal consistency is what Beefeater wanted, why didn’t it make all it’s gin the original 94 proof.
    I think this is an attempt to attract the non-martini generation; and it’s going to backfire.

  10. I too immediately noticed a flavor change- the floral, almost perfumey quality is gone. A sad loss to gin drinkers!

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