Hallands Fläder

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Hallands Fläder

Hallands Fläder launched in 1986 and is made in a Southern Swedish tradition of aromatizing spirits (and Aquavit in particular) with Elderflowers.

It is currently produced at the OP Anderson Distillery in Sundsvall, Sweden.

Tasting Notes

Floral and faintly cinnamon dusted nose. The sweet, powdered cinnamon sugar aroma is delightful and adds some spice character. Traditional caraway and/or dill are absent entirely on the nose.

Sipped, Hallands Fläder is a touch more spice-forward than you might have expected based on the signature elderflower ingredient alone.

There’s a touch of synthetic vanilla extract aroma early, with smokey and roasted nut facets. Lots of Vietnamese cinnamon mid-palate with heady, thick clouds of Elderflower.

Especially late palate, the Elderflower is dominant, but it’s not too sweet. Cinnamon, baking spice, along with the faintest hint of fennel ease into a finish. The finish is short-to-medium with faint notes of dill seed and cassia bark.

Overall, Hallands Fläder

For fans of floral spirits, Hallands Fläder is a much more accessible entry way into the category of Aquavit.

I like the flavor that they got from the elderflowers and I think the combination of cinnamon and elderflower works really well together.

While Hallands Fläder is a great gateway aquavit, it’s not representative of the category as a whole. If you don’t like caraway/dill, then this is the aquavit for you. Largely because those notes are so subtle and so far in the background, you could be forgiven for wondering if this was merely an Elderflower aromatized cinnamon botanical spirit as opposed to be an aquavit.

That being said, Hallands Fläder is delicious on its own.