Aalborg Jubiläums Akvavit

Flavor Profile

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Aalborg Jubiläums Akvavit was created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the esteemed Aalborg Taffel Aquavit (which we love).

Even though a celebration, it represents a departure of sorts. The signature caraway is replaced with the other botanical an aquavit can be based on— dill seeds. After distillation it is aged in white American Oak barrels.

Even though no longer distilled in Denmark, the proud tradition of the Danish Aquavit distillers is carried on in Oslo by Arcus, who also distill Linie and other widely available aquavits.

Tasting Notes

Aalborg Jubiläums Akvavit begins with a milder, less classically aquavit nose than others. The dill is present, but less assertive. Hints of woodruff with coumarin notes, as well as fresh cut oak boards (with a little hint of saw dust). It’s enjoyable, if a touch esoteric. The relationship to Aalborg Taffel Aquavit is superficial and in tribute only. This is a wildly different drink.

Sipped, Aalborg Jubiläums Akvavit shows off its complex and somewhat surprising botanical bill. Hints of vanilla kissed bison grass, bitter orange zest and caramel candy early. Mid-palate dill seed brings a spice-forward note that has some hints of caraway, but with an herbal glow suggestive of the cooling notes from basil or tarragon.

Dusty coriander, dill seed and crisp, toasted, oak come through towards the finish. It’s moderately long on the palate, with heat lingering with hints of tarragon and licorice root.

Drinking, Aalborg Jubiläums Akvavit

The website for Aalborg Aquavit suggests drinking Aalborg Jubiläums Akvavit closer to room temperature. While the nose might be my least favorite part of this aquavit, I agree with the temperature recommendation— room temperature really allows the botanicals room to breathe and unfold. Chilled, it emphasizes the tannic, woody qualities from the aging.

Overall, Aalborg Jubiläums Akvavit

The dill does provide a different flavor profile than caraway. That being said, Aalborg Jubiläums Akvavit is an excellent dill style aquavit that has a robust and complex botanical bill— those who don’t like it likely will because of the caramel sweetness early or the tannic notes on the finish.

That being said— it’s still a good aquavit. I suppose if your creation was to pay homage to a classic— it behooves you to not outshine the master.

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