Style: Cordial

Cordial Gins are often sipped on their own.Cordial Gins could also fairly be referred to as gin liqueurs. This category is inclusive of Sloe Gins, Damson Gins, and other sweetened gin liqueurs and gin products.

A Cordial Gin is generally 30% ABV or lower and will have additional sweetening added after distillation.

Cherry Gin, Batch 1

If you’ve ever had Maraschino Liqueur, you’re familiar with the incredible flavor of the Marasca cherry. Unusual for its dark

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Bathtub Gin Sloe Gin

The Ableforth’s Line of cold-compounded gins has been expanded to include a Sloe Gin. Which I think is fitting that

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Ferdinand’s Saar Quince

Price:   £33 / 500 mLABV: 30% Distiller: Avadis DistilleryOrigin:  GermanyAvailability:  UK, GermanyRating:  Full of good ideas, but perhaps a bit too full.

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Greenhook Beach Plum

Greenhook’s Beach Plum Gin is an infusion of local Beach Plums in Greenhook’s namesake American Dry Gin (). Although made

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