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Smooth Ambler Barrel Aged GinPreviously on the Gin is In: We reviewed Smooth Ambler’s Greenbrier Gin. We were impressed with the mash base, its whiskey like notes complimented with a bold gin like profile. We found it delicious and notable.

Today on the Gin is In: We get the opportunity to try Smooth Ambler’s Barrel Aged Gin. Batch 1. Its an original edition. Volume 1, Edition 1. Aged 3 months in oak, will it live up to the expectations set by its predecessor? Will we be as impressed? Will the oak add anything.

Stay tuned, as we boldly venture forth to find out.

Opening the Bottle
Immediately on the nose I was struck by the warm notes of burnt sugar and caramel.  In a cup though the gin like qualities open up a bit, revealing spruce and juniper, a mild sweetness and note of orange.

Tasting, it starts slow, building from a quiet beginning in an increasing build until the juniper and the oak almost hit you all at once on the back of the mouth almost a second after bringing it into your mouth. Tastes remarkably smooth for being 99 proof [49.5 %]. The oak character and after notes are a bit peppery and a bit sweet. Some juniper and a burnt orange rind character that seems to encompass that initial sweetness and the gin’s citrusy character.

Overall, I think it has a rather mild character: smooth and sippable, and one that gives up some of its characters when mixed in cocktails.Again, I thought it shone in an old-fashioned and in a barrel-aged Negroni as well. Well rounded, smooth and a stand out. If you like whiskey, and you like Smooth Ambler’s Greenbrier Gin [which I already would speculate there might be a sizable amount of folks who share those qualities given Greenbrier’s character], you’re going to like this gin.

Origin: [flag code=”US” size=”16″ text=”no”] West Virginia, United States
Best consumed: 
 Neat or on the rocks. 
Availability: Will be available this fall.
Rating: An interesting and well rounded gin, enhanced by aging- may appeal to whiskey fans in search of a different note in their gin, more so than a gin fan seeking something a bit more whiskey like in their gin. But worthwhile and worth seeking out when it does get released. 

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