Origin: The Netherlands

Origin: The NetherlandsWhere are we Today?
We are in Meppel in the Netherlands. While we’ve mostly been in Southern Europe, the Netherlands probably represents are single biggest geographic change in the initial series of Origin gins. Meppel has been a city since 1644, and today has a population of just over 30,000. Of all of the places that gave their juniper to the initial series, this one has perhaps my favorite story of the place.

An old folk story of the region suggests that the people are called Meppeler Muggen, which translates to the “mosquitos/gnats from Meppel.” An old folk tale says that one day people of the city thought their church steeple was on fire. They rushed to its rescue….and then they realized it was just a bunch of mosquitos. Or gnats.

Okay, so the story is probably not true. But one thing is clear, Meppel is a very different place than the previous three entrants into the Origin series.

Tasting Notes

Assertive and juniper-like, but not too bracing. It starts slow and thin before quickly building. Wet and piney, with a little bit of fire, but quickly fading. It leaves a sensation of little sharp prickles on your tongue, fading flavor-wise faster but leaving a little bit of heat in the back of your throat. The juniper is, as I mentioned, bright and wet. Fresh and though only faintly aromatic, bright on the palette. This sort of juniper flavor is very much in line with the flavors of many juniper forward classic styled gins. Though probably a treat only to those who really like gin, I greatly enjoyed this juniper alone gin.

This is the companion piece to the Origin Netherlands with added Botanicals ()


Price: £34.95 / 700 mL
[flag code=”GB” size=”16″ text=”no”] United Kingdom
Juniper Terroir: [flag code=”ND” size=”16″ text=”no”] Meppel, Netherlands
Best consumed:
 Gin and Tonic strikes me as the perfect counterpoint here to compliment the robust juniper forward character of both gins. This could make a nice martini too. 
Availability: Master of Malt online.
Rating: Good gins on their own merit, experiment aside. Again, like most in the Origins series, these aren’t really for everyone, but that’s okay. For gin lovers, this one is robust, full bodied and interesting and worth coming back to. [Rating:3.5/5]

Meppel at Sunset

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