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Bloom Gin is tall, elegant and distinctly contemporary styled. A bold and striking gin from G&J Greenall who recently celebrated their sestercentennial. With over 250 years of gin making, they currently are the proud distillers of their mainline Greenall’s Gin and the bright herbaceous Berkeley Square Gin. Bloom is distinctive and somewhat unexpected. While it is part of a movement among the gin community to specifically target certain demographics [see Ish Gin], Bloom Gin does so without overtly pandering or compromising the core values of the storied distillery. Simple put, its proof that if you make a good product, the marketing does its own work. Bloom Gin is marketed as a “gin for women.” I prefer to look at Bloom Gin as a “gateway gin,” for people who wouldn’t traditional refer to themselves as gin drinkers, or for people who have been raised on the contemporary style of gins such as Hendrick’s.

Enough of the marketing angle talk, how does it taste?

It smells sweet and floral. Honeysuckle and citrus bright and on the nose. Very inviting and very not traditionally gin like. I’d say that the nose comes across as a floral vodka, but I don’t wan’t to invoke the pejorative sides of that taste description. Its sophisticated, certainly.

The taste is bold and unraveling. There are not a ton of botanicals in here: only seven. I want to say that each one of them clearly does their work in here and combined to create a luxurious rich flavor. The mouth feel is somewhat oily, somewhat thick. Begins quiet for a quarter of a second: nothing. Then the juniper jumps out at you. Honeysuckle and bright citrus, just a hint of peppery tea. If you breathe in deeply while tasting you get a bit of the chamomile. The finish is peppery without ever being sharp. The finish is long and flavorful, juniper lingering long and dry but never hot. The alcohol is understated, but at 80 proof that shouldn’t be altogether unsurprising. That is definitely the angle that it is taking.

It makes some nice cocktails as well. Its smooth enough to drink straight of neat. Add some ice and enjoy a rich luxurious floral flavor. But I have to say, cocktails really do this some justice. Tonics, martinis, aviations, French 75’s [highly recommended] are all great. With stronger flavors, I find that it somewhat gets overpowered just a hint. The Negroni didn’t highlight Bloom’s strong characteristics as well as I might have hoped. While nice, the bright notes of the chamomile and Pomelo are somewhat lost.

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Price: $45/ 750 mL
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Best consumed: 
French 75’s were standout, but I also really enjoyed it just on its own.
Availability: Stateside and in the UK. Check your local high end loquor store.
Rating: Floral and sweet, but exceptionally well balanced. Each botanical is noticeable and each adds something to the drink.

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Readers' Reviews

by David

My wife's absolute favourite, so maybe the marketing behind it isn't all hype. For my taste , not quite robust enough.

Last updated January 14th, 2013 by Aaron

4 thoughts on “Bloom Gin

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  • November 2, 2013by Spike

    Really loving this gin for its floral take on a London Dry. Don’t get me wrong, I am thoroughly enjoying the Gin Renaissance we are experiencing and have about 5 favorites at the moment (hello Miller’s, Gale Force, Plymouth), but Bloom is definitely in that rotation.

  • February 15, 2015by John

    Wow. Thought this gin was extremely ordinary.

  • November 1, 2015by Michelle

    One of the nicest gins I have tasted in a long time…
    It is definitely up there with my favourite other gin (hendricks ) and it’s nice to have another good quality one to drink
    P. S….tastes even better with strawberries. .

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