Botanical: Cloves

ClovesCloves grow on a tall evergreen native to the Maluku islands of Indonesia, a.k.a the Spice Islands. Only one essential oil is responsible for most of cloves’ unique flavor. Eugenol is described as having a woody, spicy aroma. If you’ve ever had a clove, you know this flavor.

In gins, cloves can often be overpowering owing to the strong flavor of Eugenol. Cloves are best used in moderation, though for tasting novices clove can be one of the easiest botanicals to detect.

Gins featuring Cloves

Pickering’s Gin 1947

When Pickering’s Gin opened up shop at the Edinburgh based Summerhall Distillery they were the first new gin distillery to

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Bathtub Gin

Bathtub Gin is also known as Compounded Gin, which simply means that rather than adding the botanicals through distillation, the

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Devil’s Bathtub Gin

Honeoye Falls Distillery starts their self described “New Western Style Gin” from locally grown rye, which forms the foundation for

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Bobby’s Schiedam Dry Gin

Price:  $50 /  700 mLABV: 42% Distiller: Herman JansenOrigin:  NetherlandsAvailability: US, UK, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, Turkey and FranceRating:   Contemporary to

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Gin 1495: Verbatim

Cocktail Historians [yes that’s a thing, apparently] have long been seeking out the origins of the drink we call “gin.”

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Pickering’s Gin

In <100 Words On July 17th, 1947 the following events occurred: A passenger ship sank off the coast of Mumbai

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