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Abernathy Gin

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Abernathy Gin in <100 Words

The Tenn South Distillery hails from the town Lynnville (pop. 287 as of 2010). The town motto is “striving to be the best small town in America.”  Within that tradition, Tenn South Distillery harvests local Giles County white corn and does everything on site in their distillery. All of their spirits are “grain-to-glass,” and are distilled in their Vendome Copper Pot still. The gin is vapor infused with a blend of nine botanicals and is designed from the ground up to be a contemporary styled gin with Southern touches such as the addition of Pecan.

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Waterloo Handcrafted Texas Style Gin


I find that “sense of place” is among the most important things that affect the way people perceive something new. Considering that so many new microdistilled gins proudly advertise their place on the label; so many gins proudly source their botanicals locally [Waterloo Gin is no exception there], it makes sense that we’re not just talking about a drink: we’re talking about a drink and a place.

First, a Gin is In informal perception survey conducted on friends™ The other night my friends and I were enjoying some Adult Beverages™ containing everyone’s favorite [my favorite, and perhaps the only liquor that I have in quantities large enough to share at a party] liquor mixed with tonic. Because I’m a gin-geek, I love to ask people what they think of the gin. So, Waterloos and Tonic, all-around. My friends were positive, and they enjoyed it. I asked “where did you think it was from?” No one came up with Texas.

But once I told them it was from Texas, the characterization of the gin’s flavor changed:

G&T sipping friend A: I thought so, it tasted a bit ‘cactus-y’ G&T sipping friend B: I detected notes of ‘BBQ’

Of course this was all in good fun.

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