Strongwater Orange Blossom

Strongwater Orange Blossom

Strongwater is a Denver, Colorado based producer of bitters and mixers. Inspired by equal parts folk medicine and chemistry, their mixers are botanically driven. Strongwater Orange Blossom is flavored with tangerine and orange blossom.

It is sweetened with cane sugar and is moderately sweet by calories— 60 per 200mL serving,

Tasting Notes

Aroma: Sweet orange candy and tangerine when you first open the can. It rapidly dissipates and takes on a more subtle citrus character.

Fizz Quality: A torrent of tight bubbles pop on the tip of the tongue and hang on through the mid-palate. Texturally, very pleasing. The quantity of bubbles alone lends it a nice texture.

Flavor: Quiet citrus at first culminates in a robust orange blossom/neroli note mid-palate. The sweetness is subtle and milder than I expected. This is likely because it segues into a rather powerful, clean quinine buoyed bitterness.

Mixing with Strongwater Orange Blossom

The honeyed neroli note is a nice complement to gin, especially those that emphasize the fruit quality of citrus— or those that don’t feature citrus at all.

Try it with a citrus forward gin such as James Bay’s Summer Gin for full citrus experience. Or use to add some floral lightness to a strong juniper-forward gin like Tanqueray London Dry or Temple Distilling’s Chapter One Gin.

Overall, Strongwater Orange Blossom

If you like floral-forward gins, you’ll likely appreciate the floral brightness that this tonic can add to your next G&T. It’s a fun tonic water that emphasizes a flavor combination that is rarely present in tonic waters.

Recommended among flavored tonic waters.

Strongwater Tonic waters are available through their website. 12 cans/$25.

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