Sodastream Tonic

Sodastream Tonic

My Sodastream was life changing. Mostly because I drink a lot of seltzer. I also frequently use it when I’m doing tonic syrup reviews.

But Sodastream also makes their own line of soda flavorings. They range from cola, to lemon lime, and yes, to even tonic. Though in concept Sodastream Tonic is quite similar— ingredient wise it’s unusual among tonic syrups. It boasts Fructose and Apple Juice among its ingredients and sweeteners. It also adds no other herbs/spices. Just citric acid and quinine.

Tasting Notes

It pours out of the bottle almost gooey. Thick and quite syrup. In terms of color, it’s an amber lager hue. The nose smells like citrus and a bit of quinine. It left hands my hands stickier than any other tonic syrup that’s ever gotten on them. Perhaps that’s because the first ingredient isn’t water nor even apple juice— it’s the fructose.

Powerfully sweet on its own. Thick like honey— but a touch sweeter. The bitterness is really edgy. Clean and bracing, it’s suggestive of the bitterness of some of the most bitter tonic waters.

Adding seltzer, you may need to stir. Sodastream Tonic is thick and doesn’t evenly spread out as easily as some other syrups. However, when sipped, the bitterness and tonic character is surprisingly more traditional than most tonic syrups. It comes out with an overall profile closer to an off-the-shelf tonic water than most of the modern tonic syrups on the market.

There is a but though— the apple juice is almost inescapable just on its own. It has a faint apple note that makes Sodastream Tonic kind of come across as a bitter apple soda.

With gin, the apple notes recede to the background a bit. The bitterness comes through nicely at the finish. Sodastream Tonic surprisingly delivers a decent gin and tonic flavor. My biggest critique overall is the level of sweetness in here. It’s just too sweet. It’s cloying and adds an undesired viscosity to the gin and tonic.


If you’re a home seltzer maker there’s a wealth of tonic syrups on the market worth your time and exploration. But if you’re on the lookout for a replacement for a sweet supermarket, plastic bottle tonic for use with your Sodastream, Sodastream Tonic is worth a look. Others will find it to be a touch too sweet and may find the apple notes a little undesired in their Gin and Tonic.

Sodastream Tonic is available from Amazon

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3 thoughts on “Sodastream Tonic”

  1. I am trying to purchase soda stream tonic water syrup but there is only diet and I don’t want diet. Why can’t I find regular tonic syrup?

  2. I agree with most of your taste points. My problem is that it is impossible to keep the fizz once all the components are mixed. It is like a not bad G&T with a flat tonic.