Schweppes Indian Tonic Zero

Schweppes Indian Tonic Zero Bottle

A sugar free alternative, Schweppes Indian Tonic Zero has a mere 2 calories per 100 mL serving. This bottle was bought in the European market in Norway.

Tasting notes

Aroma: Gentle, slightly floral orange and lemon, almost as if a citrus soda. Very pleasant and quite inviting.

Flavor: Pleasant fat sized bubbles, largely concentrated on the entry to the palate

Early, the effervescence buoys a pleasant gentle citrus flavor and moderate bitterness. It differs from most Schweppes in that the peak tonic flavor comes on rather early.

It has the same level of bitterness as many other tonic waters in the Schweppes line. People looking for a substitute for the mainstream Schweppes will find a lot of similarities here.

Finish: The bitterness overall is nicely balanced, but the alternative sweeteners add a slightly metallic note to it. However, that being said— and I know, as some commenters have rightly pointed out, I may not be the target audience here— the balance of quinine, alternative sweetener and subtle citrus flavor is well executed.

Mixed: I’m quite surprised by how well it blends into the background. If you do not need a low calorie option, you’ll be able to tell the clear difference between Schweppes Indian Tonic Zero and Schweppes Indian Tonic.

However, if you do need to drink a zero sugar tonic, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how close it gets to the source material. The high level of bitterness in Schweppes does an excellent job of reading as a highly bitter tonic, before it reads as a low calories tonic.

Overall, Schweppes Indian Tonic Zero

Gin has calories— don’t be fooled. There is no true “no calorie” gin and tonic. However, if your goal is cutting out sugar, Schweppes Indian Tonic Zero is one of the best tonic water options I’ve had to date.

If I needed to cut out sugar entirely, this would be the tonic water I went to.

Highly recommended in its category.

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