Premier Tonic Water

Premier Tonic Water

Premier Tonic Water is an inexpensive store brand tonic water found in Scandinavia. It’s sweetened with sugar and comes in fairly large sizes. Ideal for parties or people who drink a lot of tonic. Tonic indeed!

Tasting Notes

Hint of lemon and citric acid on the nose. There’s some very fat bubbles evident in the glass upon pouring.

Premier Tonic Water has a short lived carbonation. The bubbles dissipate nearly immediately!

The flavor turns to a subtle citrus tang before abruptly terminating. Then the quinine kicks in. It’s a full stop. Then it starts again.

It’s a peculiar effect and Premier Tonic Water’s flavor profile is odd— even for a supermarket tonic.

With gin there’s nary enough fizz to help it taste like anything more than a watered down gin. And there’s just not enough quinine flavor to Premier Tonic Water to bring it together. In a single word, it’s underwhelming, even at the price point.


Plastic bottle tonic waters are not a guarantee of quality. But I think in a world where you can get a tonic water like Schweppes at nearly the same price point, premier tonic water is hard to recommend.

I’d recommend checking out other options.

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