Fever Tree Premium Bitter Lemon

Fever Tree Bitter Lemon

Fever Tree’s Premium Bitter Lemon is available stateside and is the American sold name under which you might find their Lemon Tonic (which I think goes by Sicilian Lemon Tonic these days).

In the bottle, there’s clearly some sediment in the bottom, likely lemon pulp. The beverage has an ethereal greenish/yellow hue. Fever Tree Bitter Lemon is sweetened with both cane sugar and the aforementioned lemon juice. It comes in at 70 calories per 6.8 oz. portion, making it about as sweet as most other bitter lemons on the market.

Tasting Notes

Lots of fizz when poured into a glass. Fever Tree Bitter Lemon has a head before simmering— fizz adheres to the side and bottom in rather generous quantity. The bubbles are tight and continue to burst after pouring and they remain for quite some time.

Sipped on its own, you get a lot of lemon juice character. The lemon’s acidity is restrained, complemented by a gentle bubbling that lasts to the back of the palate and segues into a cool, biting bitterness.

As I mentioned above, there is some sediment in the bottom of Fever Tree Bitter Lemon. I find that I like the taste best when I pour it off the top and leave some of the sediment in the bottom. I find that the pulp, in an already lemon heavy bitter lemon, makes it skew towards a sour bitter lemon.

In terms of mixing with gin Fever Tree Bitter Lemon excels with a little less of the sour. I recommend it with a good classic style gin. A heavy juniper note nicely balances out some of sourness.

Fever Tree’s best quality is evident here as well. The quality of their carbonation— specifically the lasting power and texture of their bubbles is enviable. I also enjoy the balanced bitter character and clean quinine bite.

Overall, Fever Tree Bitter Lemon is a worthy find— especially for American drinkers looking for a good bitter lemon.

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  1. Having difficulty purchasing Bitter Lemon in upstate NY. Wegman’s sells the Lemon Tonic, product bar code and their inventory list matches lemon tonic, but the photo one the product and the written description are for Bitter Lemon. So every time I order Bitter Lemon (no substitutions) I get Lemon Tonic. HELP!!!! I WANT MY BITTER LEMON!