East Imperial Old World Tonic

East Imperial Old World Tonic

East Imperial Old World Tonic sources all of their ingredients from Asia, taking their inspiration from India, where British soldiers and expats drank Gin with their tonics to ward off Malaria.

Designed to be enjoyed with contemporary style gins, East Imperial Old World Tonic boasts of high quinine levels, low sugar (using natural cane sugar, by the way) and low citric acid levels.

Tasting Notes

Flora, tangerine citrus note when poured that bubbles off quickly. East Imperial Old World Tonic then settles down to a muted, pleasant nose.

The palate is Mandarin and tangerine early; followed by  and then thyme notes before finishing ending with a heavy hit of quinine. The bitterness on the finish is lit by a couple supporting notes; hints of mandarin skin, hops and neroli.

Although these descriptors sound bold, they manifest gently.

East Imperial Old World Tonic makes for a curious gin and tonic. Crisp with a pleasant bit of carbonation, it certainly does add a bit of its own perspective to the drink. Far less sweet than most supermarket tonics, it is line with most contemporary tonic waters in terms of sugar content. The earthy botanicals and pleasant bite are a lovely complement. I recommend East Imperial Old World Tonic with earthy, contemporary style gins; however, overall I think nearly anyone would find this tonic to be a welcome addition to any home bar or cocktail program.


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