Canada Dry Tonic Water with a twist of Lime

Canada Dry Tonic water with a twist of Lime is among an increasingly common trend in tonic waters to include a citrus flavor as part of the water. Many tonics include citric acid to add that note normally, but Canada Dry Tonic water with a twist of Lime takes it a level up and directly promotes it as “with a twist of Lime,” of course.

Tasting Notes

Lemon-lime soda on the nose, reminiscent of 7up.

The palate is very sweet. General citric tang early followed by candy lime and a crescendo of nearly cloying sweetness mid-palate.

A pleasant, although muted bitterness hits late palate. As it fades, the quinine note lingers on the palate for a moderate length of time.

Mixing it with gin, the sweetness is strong and steals the show. The lime is less obvious than other tonics like Canada Dry Tonic water with a twist of Lime, but the extra citrus punch is enough to merit not cutting into a fresh fruit.


Canada Dry Tonic water with a twist of Lime lives up to its name. It might be less lime-forward than you’d expect given the name, however the quinine and long lasting bitter note is better than others in it’s class. Canada Dry Tonic water with a twist of Lime is a decent and affordable option in it’s category.

Canada Dry Tonic water with a twist of Lime

7 thoughts on “Canada Dry Tonic Water with a twist of Lime

  • I purchased this item in Indiana; it was delicious! Where can this item be purchased in the Cleveland, Ohio area?

  • I was able find it for a short period of time at the Giant Eagle in Chardon, Ohio. I asked Customer Service at this store if they could contact the distributor and have it stocked again. I was told that lime flavored tonic is only available around the Christmas holidays. I think that is not accurate as it is available 365 days a year at stores in Florida.

  • Can I by tonic water with a twist of lime in Ontario Canada

  • We purchased this in Florida. Is it available in Ontario Canada?

  • We are in Ontario , Canada and would like to know where we can get this.

  • i used to purchase canada dry tonic/wlime at the shop n save in rostraver, pa. i was told that the product was discontinued. i dont believe it. where can i go gto buy this.

  • I had Tonic Water with Lime while visiting family in Michigan last week and I can’t find it in Phoenix Arizona. It was delicious and refreshing. Is it available in Phoenix Arizona? My zip code is 85044. Please let me know

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