The Heart Distillery Gin Rickey

The Heart Distillery expanded their canned cocktail line in early 2024, adding a Gin Rickey to an already outstanding lineup that includes a gin and tonic and bees knees. The Heart Distillery Gin Rickey is made from gin, lime juice, carbonated water, and is canned at 10% ABV.

Tasting notes

Aroma: Tart and lime-forward.

Flavor: Tart and citric lime juice is the loudest flavor; however, bright punchy juniper and a hint of cassia early. Towards the end, the citrus becomes more pronounced, while the gin shows some coriander. Nice balance of lime and gin throughout.

Crisp, moderate sized bubbles with good lasting power on the palate. Pleasing balanced effervescence.

Finish: Hints of spice, but largely vibrant and slightly acidic lime juice. Long and mildly tart.

Overall, The Heart Distillery Gin Rickey

If the tasting notes seem unsurprising and straightforward, it’s because The Heart Distillery Gin Rickey delivers on the promise of a Rickey through and through. Clean, with bright fresh citrus and a good amount of underlying gin flavor— it’s a well made canned cocktail that is made all the better thought it’s strong, and fresh lime flavor.