The Finnish Long Drink

If you didn’t know already— we at the GIN is IN are quite the fans of Finnish Long Drinks. We’ve covered how to make your own; we’ve reviewed a few of the best we found in Finland; and we’ve even explored the history. But now The Long Drink Company has brought the canned beverage that launched an olympic games to the states. As with other versions of the long drink, this one is a combination of grapefruit soda, tonic water and gin. The Finnish Long Drink is produced in Ste Genevieve, Missouri. This suggests that as far as I can tell that the gin may being produced at Crown Valley Brewing and Distilling.

Tasting Notes

The Finnish Long Drink from The Long Drink Company has a delightful white grapefruit nose. It’s not as literal as say San Pelligrino’s Pomplemo— but it’s fresher than say our mainstream soda recommendation of Fresca. On the palate, white grapefruit soda early. It’s even a bit sour with a pleasant tartness. Juniper berries are in the background, quietly rounding things out. There’s not much bitterness on the finish— mostly just a hint of sweet grapefruit candy. It’s moderately sweet but not cloying. It has a nice texture and moderate effervescence as well.

Overall, The Long Drink Company, The Finnish Long Drink

If you’re in the United States and you want a Long Drink, this is probably your only option. However, fortunate for those of us who enjoy long drinks— The Long Drink Company has pulled off a winner. I’d like it to be a bit higher in ABV. Perhaps around 7% you might get some more juniper/gin quality coming through. It is a bit subtle here and could be stronger. However, overall the quality is good. The flavor is good. And if you’re looking for some cans for your next summer party— The Finnish Long Drink is worth seeking out. Recommended. You can order the Finnish Long Drink online in the states.