Social Hour Gin and Tonic

Social Hour uses New York Distilling Company’s excellent Perry’s Tot Navy Strength Gin for their RTD cocktail. Canned at 11.5% ABV it is among the stronger canned G&Ts available on the American market.

Tasting notes

Bold juniper on the nose when the can is opened. Medium sized bubbles, largely concentrated on the tip of the tongue. They fade quickly.

Grapefruit and cinnamon early, the palate has a long botanical evolution especially for an RTD. Juniper adds a piney backbone mid through the finish.

Medium sweetness with a moderate bitterness as well.

Overall, Social Hour Gin and Tonic

Clean and long, Social Hour Gin and Tonic has a surprising complexity that resembles a self made gin and tonic — and for that I love what they’re doing here.

Highly recommended