Fling Cucumber Lime Gin & Tonic

Boulevard Brewing Co.’s line of Fling Canned Cocktails expands upon the brewery’s reputation for adventurous beers— now providing an option for non-beer drinkers. Fling Cucumber Lime Gin & Tonic is exactly what it says. Cucumber, lime, and other natural flavors are added to Builders Botanical Gin and other neutral spirits.

Their canned gin and tonic is bottled at 7.0% ABV.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: Hint of cucumber and lime Skittles candy. Very sweet.

Texture: Mild texture, not a ton of carbonation. Small, tight bubbles that pop quickly at the front of the palate.

Flavor: Clean early with very subtle flavors. Cucumber and bitter lemon mid-palate. Finish has a tight bitterness with a rather high astringency. Very mild sweetness.

Finish: Only the faintest hint of juniper.

Overall, Fling Cucumber Lime Gin & Tonic

Where it ultimately comes up short is in the reason it’s on this site— the gin. Cucumber, lime and the bitterness of tonic are all evident. But you’ve really got to hunt hard to find juniper.

That being said, if you’re looking for an alcoholic citrus and cucumber drink with a bit of bitterness, Fling Cucumber Lime Gin & Tonic does some nice things.

It just ultimately comes up a bit short as a gin and tonic.