Edinburgh Gin and Tonic

Edinburgh Gin and Tonic adds a bit of Seville Orange to their flagship gin in their 7.3 ABV canned gin and tonic cocktail.

Tasting notes

Color: Clear

Aroma: Crisp orange zest with the slightest hint of citric acid and juniper.

Flavor: Small tight bubbles that dissipate quickly and largely are concentrated on entry to the palate.

The gin begins with crisp citrus, mostly lemon and orange. Mid-palate Edinburgh Gin shines through. Some of the additional botanicals like heather make an appearance. Moderate juniper forward with dry coriander as well.

The quinine begins to add dryness and bitterness from mid-palate throughout the finish. Late, some orange zest peeks through, but largely in the form of the distinctive bitterness of Seville Oranges.

Finish: Moderate bitterness and restrained sweetness support a quinine driven finish with hints of coriander seed and bitter orange.

Overall, Edinburgh Gin and Tonic

Edinburgh Gin and Tonic is a crisp RTD gin and tonic that is mostly on the dry side. The sweetness is restrained. While the orange adds some color, it doesn’t overwhelm or dominate the gin— at least not in the way the quinine and tonic does late.

Fans of a dryer style RTD will like what Edinburgh has done with their gin and tonic here. The most disappointing choice is the addition of another citrus note that causes the underlying gin to taste a bit different than Edinburgh Gin— the gin that most who buy this canned drink will be expecting to taste.