Dogfish Head Gin Crush

Dogfish Head, who made their name originally from putting high quality craft brews in a can, have expanded into craft cocktails as well. Dogfish Head Gin Crush starts with their citrus-forward Compelling Gin (which we’ll review eventually— but this is very different from the gin we covered from Dogfish over a decade ago), adds lemon and lime and is canned at 7%.

It also appears that Dogfish Head Gin Crush is going to be discontinued in spring 2024.

Tasting notes

Color: Very gentle haze, clear and slightly translucent

Aroma: Surprisingly herbal. Lime is present, but my first impression is basil (!) with vanilla, coriander, cardamom and citrus. The gin is adding quite a bit here on the nose. Overall, pleasant and surprisingly complex.

Flavor: Early tart citrus and lemon hit the tip of the tongue. Mid-palate you start to get more complexity, including notes of orange and lime, while the gin also begins to come through. Cardamom is the loudest botanical here, but juniper comes through as well.

Finish: Citrus juice lends a slight tartness towards the end. Mild sweetness makes it easy to drink, but never cloying. Nicely balanced, that basil note from the nose comes back at the end, hanging in the back of the palate with a ghostly glow reminiscent of Thai basil.

Overall, Dogfish Head Gin Crush

While an unusual herbal nose might be surprising, the whole of the cocktail is quite simple. Lemon, lime and a gentle effervescence surround a spice and citrus forward gin. The gin is present and overall the Dogfish Head Gin Crush lives up to its name— it’s easy to drink—crushable, even.