Collective Arts Dry Gin and Soda

Collective Arts has some of the most creative ready-to-drink cocktails on the market today. We’ve covered some of their work before. Collective Arts Dry Gin and Soda is perhaps their most traditional.

It starts with their citrus-forward Collective Arts Dry Gin, and further accentuates the citrus by pairing it with grapefruit, lemon and thyme. Canned at 5.6% ABV, it’s on the lighter side of ready-to-drink gin cocktails.

Tasting notes

Color: Perfectly clear.

Aroma: Lemon and citrus brightly on top, with hints of juniper and thyme.

Flavor: Pleasant, lasting, but light carbonation. Clean and crisp flavor, but light throughout.

Despite the heavy citrus emphasis, I find that the herbal notes are the most front and center. Green and savory, thyme is certainly in there— but it’s not only thyme. Hints of oregano, tarragon and dried savory.

Grapefruit and orange form the citrus backbone. Juniper peaks through, especially at the end with peppery hints of pepper and quiet hints of savory.

Only very lightly sweet, Collective Arts Dry Gin and Soda is dry and crisp— more like a gin and soda than a gin and tonic.

Overall, Collective Arts Dry Gin and Soda

Light and crisp, Collective Arts Dry Gin and Soda is one of the best gin and soda options on the market. Present gin, nice balance, and a restrained flavor profile make it a great option for beaches, BBQ’s and gin-lovers alike.

Overall, it’s delicious and one of the most crushable RTD sparkling gin drinks available today.

Highly recommended.