Candid Gin with Mint, Bitters, Grapefruit and Lime

Denver, Colorado based Candid Cocktails partners with bartenders to create novel, yet accessible canned gin cocktails.

While the name is a mouthful— Gin with mint, bitters, grapefruit juice, lime juice— it’s really a gin fizz with citrus. It’s canned at a robust 8.5% ABV.

Tasting notes

Color: Pearl, only faintly translucent.

Nose: Bright ruby red grapefruit.

Flavor: Lightly tart red grapefruit eases into a mid-palate with hints of caraway and dill seed. Light mint comes on late. Only a slight, but pleasant sweetness.

Unfortunately, very little juniper comes through. While some of the spices strongly suggest the presence of a flavorful base gin, nearly no pine or juniper comes through.

Light carbonation is present, largely concentrated on the front of the palate.

Overall, Candid Gin with Grapefruit, bitters, and lime.

Candid’s Gin Cocktail is certainly crushable. It’s easy to drink. Pleasantly strong, but with a balanced mild sweetness— it has wide appeal.

But perhaps my biggest issue is with that wide appeal. The gin is nearly/entirely obscured in here. I quite like the flavor, but I think anyone looking for a gin-forward cocktail might be a bit disappointed.