MONDAY Zero Alcohol Gin

Monday Zero Alcohol Gin is a sweetened non-alcoholic product that is designed to taste like a “classic London Dry Gin.”

Ingredients: water, monk fruit extract, natural flavors, citric acid, sodium benzonate, xanthan gum, locust bean gum, natural juniper extract, natural coriander seed extract, natural cucumber extract.

There are zero calories per serving.

Interestingly, opened at altitude, the drink immediately became cloudy. It reverted to clear after only twenty seconds.

Tasting notes

Nose: Terpey, Scotch Pine needles with facets of lemon-lime soda.

Flavor: Heavy pine with hints of pine wood. Sourness towards the finish with a peculiar burn on the finish.

Textural Notes: Monday Zero Alcohol Gin has done an interesting job approximating some of the trigeminal experiences of a spirit. Some of the citric acid helps lend it a moderate heat.

Some of the other ingredients add some mild viscosity to it.

The monk fruit more contributes to the overall perception. It adds a background sweetening most noticeable on the finish served neat, but otherwise stays out of view.


One of the best uses of drinks like MONDAY Gin is for mixed drinks. Mixed with Q Tonic Water, the terpey pine notes become bolder and more juniper-like.

That being said, the juniper isn’t the same juniper flavor you’re used to in gin (there’s technical reasons for this related to the solubility and process). Expect it to be a bit more pine-like with heavier conifer notes.

If you’re going to mix with it, it’s best to combine MONDAY Zero Alcohol Gin with bold, flavorful ingredients. For a no alcohol drink, it works well in a Tom Collins. For a low alcohol drink, try swapping out the gin in a Pegu Club Cocktail (and keep the Cointreau).

Overall, MONDAY Zero Alcohol Gin

Flavor can be a hard thing to match. Especially when you’re trying to replicate the flavor of molecules soluble in ethanol with molecules soluble in water.

Overall, you won’t mistake it for a classic-style London Dry Gin. But for those abstaining or cutting back, the juniper flavor is acceptable and present. MONDAY Zero Alcohol Gin mixes fairly well and will provide at least a juniper-led cocktail experience.


MONDAY Zero Alcohol Gin is available from Amazon in the United States for about $40/750 mL.

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