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That Boutique-y Gin Company is no stranger to celebrating indigenous citrus fruits. From the same people who brought you Australian Finger Lime Gin, we have Yuzu Gin— a celebration of the small Japanese citrus fruit that’s been popping up in all manner of Japanese gins as of late.

Tasting Notes

Yuzu Gin has a subtle citrus nose. Lemon, orange and grapefruit all seem present. Maybe if I search for it there’s a hint of kumquat in here, but the nose albeit quite citrus forward lacks a strong Yuzu punch. Pine-forward juniper lends the nose color and balance; however, for a signature botanical gin, I’m not sure I would pick it out on the nose alone.

To the taste, Yuzu Gin is a bright citrus explosion.  Sweet lemons, lemon oil— with a pleasant clean bite of mandarin beneath it. I get a lot of lemon and orange here in terms of the citrus expression.

And like many others in That Boutique-y’s lineup— especially some of their 2018 releases— the gin character is quite present. Soft licorice notes lend an earthy character that carries through to the finish. Juniper tingles gently, present throughout the palate, even holding on as the lasting note on a moderately long finish.

Overall, Yuzu Gin

Yuzu’s aroma is often described as being somewhat unique among citrus fruits. Unfortunately, that aroma is absent on the nose and the palate seems plainly citrus-forward. As a citrus-forward gin, Yuzu Gin is perfectly fine. But as a celebration of the botanical— it comes up short, especially when compared to gins like Ki No Bi and Nikka Coffey Gin which better exemplify the unusual citrus fruit’s unique characteristics.

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