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Vidda Tørr gin mixes how it uses its botanicals— some of the more delicate are placed in a basket, while some of the hardier ones are macerated in potato spirit. Influenced by only the botanicals that grew around a Norwegian cabin, Vidda Tørr gin tells the story of the Norwegian countryside in gin form.

Tasting notes

Aroma: Sweetly spicy and floral, Vidda Tørr gin hits you with a complex elderflower, meadowsweet and yarrow led nose. Underneath that some clear juniper and gin character exists, but it is less clear.

There’s something about this aroma that also conjures an impression of a piquant, effervescent soda.

Flavor: Vidda Tørr gin has a complex, multi-faceted flavor. I get notes of Yaupon holly, earthy heather and loamy clovers with this unusual sweetness that has hints of lingonberry and cloudberry alongside pine blossoms and herbaceous juniper.

Overall, it’s vaguely green like a spring garden— and warmly green like a holiday tree. Lots of camphor and green notes. Vidda Tørr gin tastes like a winter garden of holly and pine. It’s fascinating, complex and potentially challenging for bartenders.

Finish: Green camphor with some fruity facets. Hints of rose hips, lingonberry and non-bitter wormwood.

Cocktails and suggested serves

Bartenders will find Vidda Tørr gin a difficult mixer— if you treat it like an everyday gin. As its own thing, I think it pairs well with herbal ingredients. Try it in a Last Word. I might avoid it in a gin and tonic, or especially sweeter drinks like a Ramos Gin Fizz.

It’s a rewarding and complex gin. But that’s the rub— it’s a complex gin that plays by its own set of rules and is truly its own thing.

Overall, Vidda Tørr gin

Vidda Tørr gin tastes a bit like winter holidays to me— the gentle blend of pine, spice and florals is the flavor of a Christmas celebration. And it stands it stark contrast to many of the other Christmas gins out there that seek to evoke the flavor of Gingerbread or Christmas Pudding.

That being said, while Vidda Tørr gin is a challenging mixer with limited applications behind the bar— it’s a fun gin with a unique and complex flavor that will appeal to both contemporary and classic gin fans— provided they like some of the unique botanicals.

Vidda Tørr gin paints an evocative picture of the boreal countryside. It’s one I definitely recommend trying before you buy. I could see this easily being a divisive gin that you either love or hate.

I think I love it, but I don’t think it’s for everyone.

Recommended in its category.


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