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Star Dry Gin has been produced continuously since 1933. Distilled from a base of winter wheat, with an unusual citrus twist including bergamot, Star Dry Gin is Acrus of Norway’s quintessential London Dry and Classic styled gin offering.

Tasting Notes

On the nose: juniper, Angelica and a dash of coriander/ nutmeg baking spice. It’s predominantly traditional with a pine forward juniper nose.

The palate begins slowly with pine forward juniper gently transitioning to bitter orange and coriander. Pleasant citrus and classic gin notes in the heart. The finish is classic, but dry with juniper, birch leaves and citrus. Surprisingly herbal, especially towards the finish. A good, clean, very classic gin that’s better than I expected. It might be even better if it weren’t watered down to 37.5% ABV, however, due to a stronger botanical presence it kind of works.


Star Dry Gin works well in a standard Gin and Tonic; however, due to the lower ABV it tends to be somewhat overpowered. It’s gentle in a Martini and works surprisingly well with the juniper and birch notes coming through.


Overall, Star Dry Gin is a solid mixing gin that works well in a wide variety of applications. The price is good and the quality is solid, though I’d love to taste Star Dry Gin at 45% ABV. I think a higher proof could do wonders for what is already a pretty solid gin.


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