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Sounds Spirits Old Tom Gin is Sound Spirits’ take on the Old Tom style. Aged and sweetened it embodies two of the traits that are often associated with the style.

Tasting Notes

The nose of Sounds Spirits Old Tom Gin citrusy and sharp, with a slight brightness and lemony touch. Juniper as well, but not too pronounced. Balanced and gin-like, but there’s something different about it. Not quite contemporary in style, but something which gives it a hue differing from a standard gin.

The palate is where Sounds Spirits Old Tom Gin shines: warm and creamy, vanilla and burnt peaks of a meringue pie. There’s a caramel richness in here, rich vanilla ice cream overlying a nuttiness. Creme Brulee? Creme Anglaise over a sharp spice cake?

There’s a rich golden hue, which betrays the aging process. A sweetness which gives away that there’s some degree of post-distillation sweetening in here, but at the same time, it’s well blended and truly it’s own thing: almost transformative. That bright spike of juniper on the back of the palate at the beginning of the finish, the way it gently fades.


I thought it made a top notch Tom Collins: creamy lemon merengue pie and rich lemon curd notes. Sweet, but too sweet. Rich and dessert like indulgence.

And the Martinez, supremely balanced. If I had to find a parallel I would say: rich Cherry pie, slightly crispy with burnt flake crust only on the very top, with a dollop of rich vanilla ice cream…in the notes that is. The flavor of the drink is quite it’s own and supremely constructed. I didn’t find a way that I didn’t enjoy Sound Spirits Old Tom.

Overall, Sounds Spirits Old Tom Gin

If I could tell you to buy just one Old Tom Gin, this would be it. 


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