Seneca Drums Gin

Flavor Profile

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New Years Resolution: Maybe a bit more personal photography. At left, we have a lovely picture of Seneca Drums gin, a bottle that I purchased while in Buffalo celebrating the holiday season with family. I bought it because it was “local:” the Finger Lakes Distillery is about 45 minutes south of Rochester near Burdett. NY. I’d never seen it at my usual liquor store favorites in New York City, so I gave it a shot. I’d never had a gin from upstate, but considering how good the one from downstate was, I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised.

Tasting Notes

The first thing I noticed about Seneca Drums Gin was the floral scent. Upon opening the bottle, I immediately drew a parallel to G’vine’s Floraison. Both use a grape spirit base in addition to neutral spirits to create a more unique and distinctly American style gin.

The juniper is subtly there, as is the citrus- perhaps a bit of orange and lemon, in addition to an assortment of herbs. Seneca Drums claims there are 11 different herbs in their gin. There were hints of clove and coriander, but none truly stood out above all the others. It was a well blended gin that exudes and exotic flavor distinct and different from most other gins.


Because of the grape base, and the floral bouquet, I recommend Seneca Drums Gin strongly for standards like Gin and Tonics and Martinis, but find it does not work as well in Aviations, Tom Collins or other drinks that require a co-star. Seneca Drums Gin does not “play well with others” and is recommended strongly for drinks where gin is the one and only star.


An excellent craft gin that distinguishes itself readily from its peers. Very much recommended.