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Greensand Ridge Distillery takes their inspiration from the setting of their distillery— “We simply want to make the finest spirits [that reflect] the flavours of the woods, orchards, fields and hedgerows” they declare, though in the case of Salt Marsh Gin, that setting also incorporates the taste of the salt marsh.

Salt Marsh Gin is the most recent of their projects with That Boutique-y Gin Company. But what exactly is a salt marsh?

Quote the U.S. National Parks Service: “Salt marshes are coastal wetlands that are flooded and drained by tides. They grow in marshy soils composed of deep mud and peat.” But furthermore, because of their unique conditions not a lot of plant life thrives there. Though Greensand doesn’t disclose the plants that they use in their Salt Marsh Gin, a 1980 article published by Paul Adam of the Downing Street Botany School offers detail far beyond what you would expect on a gin review site.

Tasting Notes

Salt Marsh Gin begins with a bright, vibrant expression of wet, green juniper. Hints of fresh young pine blossom, lavender and honeydew. There’s some nutty baking spice in the background as well lending it a really nicely balanced nose.

The nose is tightly aligned to the palate. Juniper berry and fir needles early create a rapturous pine-forward expression. Later, angelica comes from the background to lend an earthier, woodier note to the juniper. Grapefruit pith and a dash of sweet orange zest ease the drinker into a delicate spiced finish that leaves a hint of saline saltiness on the palate.


The beautiful integration of nose and palate means Salt Marsh Gin lends itself nicely to being sipped neat or on the rocks. That hint of saltiness and nice mouth feel means that it would make a lovely Gibson or Martini garnished with an olive. Though that brine character might push you to think this could be a solid Dirty Martini candidate, I suggest holding back because Salt Marsh Gin is flavorful enough on its own.


Salt Marsh Gin is one of the best gins in That Boutique-y Gin Company’s lineup— and moreover, one of the few that I think will easily appeal to fans of classic style gin.

If you’ve been avoiding gins from their product line because they all seem too novel and gimmicky— Salt Marsh Gin just may change your mind.

While it doesn’t call to mind a salt marsh to me (aside from the name), this gin deserves to stand on its own as an excellent herbal/juniper-forward gin that I’d be glad to have on my shelf.



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