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The Origin series of gins explore the ways that regional differences in climate can affect the flavor of juniper in distilled products. In Fall 2016, I wrote about this phenomenon in Artisan Spirit magazine, but I find that the Origin series (available from Master of Malt) is the best way, short of sourcing and distilling yourself, to witness this variation.

About Majdanpek, Serbia

A town of just over 10,000, Majdanpek, Serbia is named for a massive copper mine in use since the 1600’s. Located near the border with Romania and the Đerdap National Park on the Danube river, the region is rich in history with Roman monuments, Copper Age settlements, and a great deal of natural beauty.

Tasting Notes

A somewhat unusual nose among the Origin series of gins. A vegetal, somewhat waxy juniper note comes right to the fore. It’s clean, but almost a touch stony, perhaps like wet slate.

The palate of Majdanpek, Serbia Origin Gin is absolutely intense though. A thorough burst of juniper that has sharp pine notes, drier notes of angelica, that all culminates in a thick, fully realized juniper bomb mid-palate.

The heat subsides, leaving a dry and slightly astringent juniper flavor that’s waxy and thick. I get hints of spicy coriander, angelica and bitter orange. Majdanpek, Serbia is incredibly complex. It coats the tongue and palate, fading and becoming sharper and slightly more bitter.

The finish is exceptionally long compared to some of the other single-origin juniper gins. Majdanpek, Serbia has exceptional juniper that I think is worth a closer look if you’re a distiller looking for some interesting juniper. I don’t know what juniper tree this came from, but it’s really quite excellent.


Origin: Majdanpek, Serbia has a great deal of complexity in just a single ingredient. The juniper is powerful and aromatic here, but I love the way that in a single botanical it reveals that juniper can be so much more than just pine. The hints of citrus and spice show that a high quality juniper source has more than just the Pinene and pine aroma; juniper is complex and intriguing.

Gin geeks will find a lot to like here. But I also think Classic gin fans may really enjoy this Origin Gin on its own as a gin. I’d recommend this gin in a Martini or Gin and Tonic. It has the power to really shine as a gin worthy of trying in its own rights.


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