Origin: Veliki, Bulgaria

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The town of Veliki Preslav is the site of an important historical/archaeological region of the nation of Bulgaria. In fact, just down the road was the first capital of the Bulgarian state. Veliki, Bulgaria was the location of a fortress constructed over 1000 years ago under the rule of Knyaz Boris the first. An important cultural center of the early Bulgarian nation, Preslav has a heritage that spans the entire existence of Bulgaria.

Like the other entries in the Origin series, juniper berries from Veliki, Bulgaria are cold distilled in order to preserve as much of their aromatic oils and character in the gin.

Tasting Notes

Bright and almost night and day when compared with other entries in the series. Floral and bright. It almost reminds me of the taste of Hendrick’s gin. As if you don’t need the rose for the flavor of that gin. Just grab some juniper from Bulgaria. I went back for a second shot of the straight up juniper version. I just can’t believe how floral this is on its own with only juniper in it. Remarkable. It does taste like juniper, but I can’t believe that this is only juniper.

Folks who don’t like gin, I’d still approach this with caution. But I suspect that there are some people turned off by the juniper edge of Tanqueray who might actually enjoy the juniper notes of this gin.

This is the companion piece to the Origin: Bulgaria with botanicals.

Overall, Veliki, Bulgaria

What a difference provenance makes. Bright and floral, radically different and that’s just from the juniper. Recommended, if you buy one Origin gin as a comparison point, be sure to include this one. It will surprise you.



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