Origin: Albania w/ Botanicals

Flavor Profile

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This is the companion piece to the Origin: Albania with just juniper ([icon name=”star” class=””][icon name=”star” class=””][icon name=”star” class=””][icon name=”star-half” class=””])

Tasting Notes

Bright and citrusy. The warm dark cherry notes of the just-juniper variation are quite muted. The bracing juniper crescendo is still presernt, and the lingering after taste. The botanical mixture contains another nine botanicals [juniper withstanding]. Citrus predominates but doesn’t quite overwhelm the juniper.

Citrus overwhelms a bit, but the juniper is still there. The richness of the juniper in the initial tasting isn’t is somewhat obscured. Good, but not remarkable.


Price: £34.95 / 700 mL
United Kingdom
Juniper Terroir: Valbonë, Albania
Best consumed:
 Sipped neat to first appreciate the flavor of the juniper. I could easily recommend a martini with this gin, and think the second one with botanicals would actually make for a rather good Gin and Tonic.
Availability: Master of Malt online.
Rating: Both are quite good, I prefer the straight up juniper version of this one due to the rich character of the juniper involved. I’d easily choose this provenance of juniper as the base of a gin I was distilling. [Rating:3/5]



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