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One Sage and Apple Gin is the second gin from the One Gin team. This one is a riff on their award winning Sage Gin.

The apple botanical is present in an unusual fashion. It uses oil from the pips (seeds) of Russet Apples. Much of the research on apple seed oil has highlighted them as a potential novel source of protein [source]. However, apple seed oil also has a place in the cosmetics industry and is widely available.

The combination is distilled and One Sage and Apple Gin is a London Dry gin.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Sweet apple butter and confectionery notes leap from the glass. Delicate hints of spice, citrus and juniper round things out but One Sage and Apple Gin is all about the apple at first sniff.

Flavor: Slight woody, sweet apple early. The apple notes blossom into full blown pie on the mid-palate with suggestions of cinnamon and spice. Juniper supports throughout with a waxy, piney note. The botanicals continue to lend sweetness through the back half with hints of almond, Orgeat, and vanilla custard.

Finish: Fairly long, but light intensity with jammy apple fading from the back of the palate.

Perceptually, it comes across as quite sweet despite the lack of added sweetening.


One Sage and Apple Gin is more about the apple, than the gin when mixing. Some juniper comes through; however, for me this is an apple spirit more than a gin.

That being said, it is a fairly delicious one. This gin will appeal to fans of flavored vodkas (especially apple-flavored vodkas, are those a thing?). Try it in a Martini with a twist. I’d definitely avoid pairing it with olives, or going full savory in a Dirty Martini.

The apple, cinnamon and juniper come through nicely when paired with tonic water. Pair it with Schweppes or something sweet and less bitter. Works well in a Gin and Soda or Gin and Lemonade.

Flavorwise it works better than expected in a Negroni (an unusual one to be appreciated as its own thing), but I would avoid bitter or strongly herbal liqueurs like Chartreuse or Benedictine.

It’s a fun gin, and a challenging mixer.

Overall, One Sage and Apple Gin

As an apple-forward gin, One Sage and Apple Gin works really well. the flavor is beautiful. The balance between apple, spice and juniper is there— and I honestly really enjoyed drinking it.

While it might not be a flexible all-around gin behind the bar, people looking for an enjoyable, well made contemporary style gin that tastes wholly different from anything else out there. This one is worth seeking out.

Recommended in its category.


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