Minions Old Tom Gin

Flavor Profile

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Minions Old Tom Gin is distilled from a base of malted barley and potatoes. Old Tom style gins tend to wear their base spirits on their sleeves and use some combination of botanicals, aging, and/or sweetening to highlight that grain character.

Proof Artisan Spirits uses a combination of maceration and vapor infusion for the botanicals in their gins, Old Tom included.

Finally, the gin is rested in former bourbon barrels before bottling at 45% ABV. Additional caramel color is also added.

Tasting Notes

The nose suggests typical fruitcake aromas. Minions Old Tom has a sweet, candied nut, dried cherry, honey and walnut. Hints of clove as well give it a slight, spiced flavor.

The palate, typical of Old Tom style gins reads as sweet. Honey, Cinnamon, cloves and young oak notes come on early. Some tannin and astringency is present mid-palate. Juniper begins to show mid-to-late, but it is sedate. Vanilla, cinnamon and some woody notes, slightly suggestive of sandalwood with a vague muskiness lend Minions Old Tom a complex, atypical gin flavor profile.

The finish is moderately long with slight tannins, woody cassia and a hint of orange.


Minions Old Tom works well on its own or sipped over ice; however, although not completely typical for Old Tom (aging, less sweetening), it does work well in classic Old Tom cocktails like theĀ Martinez.

Overall, Minions Old Tom Gin

Minions Old Tom Gin is a satisfying, smooth, and flavorful Old Tom Gin. Some may find it a bit light on the juniper or the tannic, oak qualities having more in common with an aged gin. However, that being said, ultimately it’s a successful Old Tom that will appeal to contemporary style gin fans.


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