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Mine Hill Distillery’s Mine Hill Gin is distilled grain-to-glass from local, New England and Connecticut grown grains. The botanical bill is further inspired by “fields and forests” of Connecticut. One of the botanicals is the Eastern White Pine— a tree common in the forests of Eastern North America. The botanicals are then suspended in a gin basket for the final distillation before being proofed down to 41% ABV.

Tasting Notes

Mine Hill Gin’s aroma is steeped in woody pine forests. Intriguing, it leans more pine than juniper, with a surprising subtle, but deep, smoky facet. Notes of dried plums, orange and rose musk round things out.

Sipped, the spirit has a nice texture, a round mouthfeel and a moderate astringency and warmth. There’s smoky pine and juniper creating a warm, mentholic centerpiece. Chewy licorice with hints of cardamom and peppercorns help segue into a finish with some trigeminal flare.

Stone and slate suggest a high mineral content in the water used for dilution. A calcium/chalk note lingers on the palate. The finish is only slightly warm with hints of licorice, anise and spice.


Mine Hill Gin works best when it is the showy centerpiece of a cocktail. I like the way it pairs with savory ingredients, like the olives in a Martini or the onion in a Gibson. 

Mixing, Mine Hill Gin can be tricky in light citrus forward drinks. I suggest playing to its strengths and sticking to the Martini family. The Alaska Cocktail or Vesper are good options as well. Though I also enjoyed it in a Negroni, some of its distinctive character that makes it work well in spirit-forward drinks is diminished.

Overall, Mine Hill Gin

Mine Hill Gin combines local grains and local botanicals to create something that reads more like “warm summer day in a pine forest” than some of the more traditional associations that come with Eastern Pine. Fans of Martinis and contemporary-style gins with a strong pine component will find a lot to like about Mine Hill Gin.



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