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Member’s Mark is the store brand for the U.S. based Sam’s Club store chain. It is a big box membership store. Users pay an annual membership in exchange for access to bulk goods, and deeply discounted goods.

Their line of spirits have an impressive reputation. Especially relative to its price. Under $17 for 1.75 L of gin.

Process wise, Member’s Mark London Dry Gin is distilled in the London Dry process at one of the Sazerac Company’s distilleries. It is made from a base of grain and features a relatively traditional list of known botanicals.

Tasting notes

Aroma: Very classic, piquant green juniper. Hints of citrus and coriander lend it a rounded classic nose.

Flavor: Unsurprisingly, Member’s Mark London Dry Gin is quite traditional and classic. Dark, freshly ground juniper berries dominate the palate. However, it’s the hearty coriander and surprising hint of clove that make it truly different from other gins at its price point.

Although the hint of clove and spice may be differentiator, don’t mistake it for dominance. It’s all about the juniper.

Finish: Warm with lasting coriander and baking spice. It’s surprisingly smooth when sipped; however, there’s astringency and some heat here.


Designed to be a mixing gin, Member’s Mark London Dry Gin does not disappoint— especially in staples like the gin and tonic.

However, where I was most surprised was how well it performed as a mixing gin. Good in a Negroni, the warmth and strong juniper flavor comes through. It even makes a good Martini. 7:2 with a dash of olive— it’s more than surprisingly good— it is good.

Overall, Member’s Mark London Dry Gin

Don’t be so quick to write off Member’s Mark products as inexpensive bulk deals. Their London Dry Gin is not only a great value, it’s a surprisingly great gin and comes very highly recommended at its price point. But it would be overall recommended for fans of classic style gin.

A good ABV for mixing, and a good flavor— Member’s Mark London Dry Gin might be the best part of my Sam’s Club membership. It’s genuinely good.


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6 thoughts on “Member’s Mark London Dry Gin”

  1. This gin surprised me how
    Good it is for the price. I have had imports for more than 2x the price. Haven’t done a taste compairison.

  2. Was curious when husband brought this home last night and did a taste test with it against Boodles and Tanqueray. I put a splash of dry vermouth in each glass and swirled and added to shaker and stirred with ice. I expected this incredibly inexpensive gin to bite harder than a rabid dog, but it is surprisingly smooth served chilled and up, moreso than Boodles which is only kept on my bar for a friend. I would say equivalent in smoothness to the Tanqueray, but differ in flavor notes. Given my guests rarely drink gin up, this will now be a staple on my bar when a recipe calls for a dry London gin. Tragically, we all must tighten our belts in these times of inflation. At least this choice is tasty!

  3. I stumbled across this offering at Sam’s today, but decided to come home and read reviews first – thank you so much for your analysis! Normally I like Sapphire, and occasionally the more-classic Tangueray… so, I know where this fits in now.

  4. Gin should not be drinkable neat. This is because it has so little flavor. It is nice and smooth, especially for 95 proof, but the juniper and other botanicals are barely noticeable. It is just a little more herbal than drinking vodka. I’m sure I’ll find some use for it (Moscow Mules, perhaps? or a vodka tonic) but won’t be buying it again. That’s a shame because the price is right.

  5. I’m typically a bit of a gin snob (Hendricks, Botanist), but when I tried the Member’s Mark Gin I was very impressed. This is a great gin at an even greater price.