Lockhouse Barreled Gin (Batch 72)

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Lockhouse Distillery’s Limited Edition Barreled Gin is distilled in Buffalo, New York from local grain and grapes from the nearby Niagara Wine region. An evolution of their flagship New York Style fine gin, Lockhouse Barreled Gin is rested in new oak barrels for two years before being bottled at 45% ABV.

While Lockhouse Distillery’s gins have moved to 100% grain bill in the past couple of years, the gins which entered into barrels two years ago were those distilled from a blend of grain and grape.

Because of the variations from batch to batch in many aged gins, we’re reviewing different batches. We’ve previously reviewed other batches of Lockhouse Barrel Aged Gin.

Tasting Notes

The nose of Lockhouse Barreled Gin is rather sweet and creamy. Notes of maraschino cherry, sweet toasted orange rind and brown sugar syrup. The aroma is rather sweet and gently fruit-forward overall. A pleasant, slight tannic oak character is present, but rather mild.

Sipped, Lockhouse Barreled Gin batch 72 is a more intense and herbaceous sip. Heavy floral lavender dominates, while green lavender leaf, sage, and bitter orange provide depth and roundness.

The finish continues to be rather floral, but oak character— including a dry, tannic note offset some of the sweetness that comes off on the nose.

Overall, Lockhouse Barreled Gin, Batch 72

Lockhouse Barreled Gin plays up facets of aged gin that you don’t often get a lot of— especially after the length of time in the barrel Lockhouse Barreled Gin spends in one. Floral and herb notes abound, this is an intriguing contemporary style barrel aged gin with a lot of light aromatic character still present.




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