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This is a curiosity of sorts. Lewis Spirit Drink is manufactured by the French based syrup company Slaur Sardet.

Slaur Sardet does custom product work for distributors and sellers around the world. They will adapt the products in their line “to your local needs and regulations.”

Lewis Spirit Drink was found in a grocery store in Port Vila, Vanuatu. The label is delightfully generic looking. It appears to be a lower ABV (35% and therefore not legally gin) version of Slaur Sardet’s also delightfully generic looking Gin Harpoon or Captain’s Gin.

Though manufactured in France, Lewis Spirit Drink does not appear to be in Slaur Sardet’s portfolio. It’s unclear if it’s available anywhere in the world other than Vanuatu.

Tasting Notes

Lewis Spirit Drink is classic to the nose. Clean juniper, subtle licorice with a coriander backed earthiness. There’s some elements of the aromatic character that call to mind a watered down take on Tanqueray.

The palate is predictably slight.

Lewis Spirit drink begins faintly with angelica and mild, slippery juniper. Citrus is present as well, with a slight hint of bitter orange and neroli oil.

The finish is earthy with hints of forest floor and licorice.

Despite being a mere 35% ABV, there’s a bit of burn and heat on the finish of Lewis Spirit Drink.

Overall, Lewis Spirit Drink

I went into this expecting to hate it. It looked laughably cheap in presentation, design and price.

However, for what essentially amounts to a very low ABV “gin” it’s rather acceptable.

Juniper is the star. Lewis checks the boxes for juniper and supporting botanicals.

While there’s not much here to warrant a recommendation— it’s not all the bad. I found it to be surprisingly acceptable.

In fact, in a less diluted format, Lewis Spirit Drink might be downright okay.

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