Il Gin del Professore Authentic Crocodile Gin

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Crocodile Gin is designed in the style of early Old Tom gins. A collab between Antica Distilleria Quaglia (producers of Grappa and Vermouth) and the Jerry Thomas Speakeasy in Rome, it leverages Antica’s expertise in Vermouth making to create a gin that straddles the line between aperitif and gin. Botanicals are macerated directly in grape spirit, making it in an Old Tom in the bathtub/compounded style.

Tasting Notes

Color: Lemon chiffon hue and perfectly clear.

Aroma: Terpey juniper, dusty elderflower and a hint of orange zest.

Flavor: Gentle citrus early, mid-body is bright with custard, sweet lemon cake, vanilla beans, and cinnamon. Black peppercorn and nutmeg notes come through as the allspice brings a warm, all-encompassing spice.

Late, a pleasant pine, green and slightly resinous juniper comes through.

Crocodile is vividly flavored, but not all that sweet. I would describe it as a botanically sweetened Old Tom.

Finish: Warm, with spice, and a slight hint of clover. Complex, with a long and pronounced finish.


One of the drinks that the producers recommend is a Pink Gin. I think it works well with aromatic bitters and ice.

Because it doesn’t add sweetening, I stop short from recommending Il Gin del Professore Authentic Crocodile Gin as an Old Tom gin in cocktails. However, it works very well in cocktails that can support a boldly botanical gin. Try it in a Negroni. It merges with vermouth to create a robust, botanical explosion. The juniper is reduced to a background note; however, the overall flavor is nicely complementary.

Overall, Gin del Professore, Crocodile Gin

A beautiful combination of botanicals, Crocodile Gin defies categorization a bit. It’s not quite an Old Tom due to its lack of sweetening— and even as a botanically sweetened Old Tom, it doesn’t really read as sweetened. It lacks licorice, or other botanicals which lend that sweetened quality. Additionally, it’s drier and has fewer tannins than many other compounded gin. The resting time for the botanicals appears expertly chosen.

But despite my efforts to categorize Crocodile Gin— it might not need it. It is a well designed, botanically driven contemporary bathtub gin that is best for those who want to sip it neat (or simply prepared).

Recommended in the bathtub category.


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