Herbit Gin New Black

Flavor Profile

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New Black was a gin “designed for the times.” Created in the deep thralls of the pandemic, Herbit Gin New Black celebrates botanicals for the purported immunity benefits. It is distilled in a single shot on a base of cane spirit.

Tasting notes

Aroma: Slightly jammy with some berry character, along with lemon and juniper. Below that subtle green notes of shiso leaf linger in the breeze, lending a green, leafy low notes.

Flavor: Jammy fruits and green citrus sing on the palate. Lemongrass, makrut lime leaf, unripe orange zest, and tart marmalade. Hints of sour rowan berry sit on the palate as a peppery, subtly spiced back of the palate chimes in.

Finish: Very bitter orange marmalade, lime leaf and oily spruce linger for a long time on the edges of the palate. Moderately astringent, buoyed by the almost bitter, citrusy impression.

Cocktails and suggested serves

The heady bitter citrus can be easily balanced by fresh citrus in a cocktail. Try Herbit Gin New Black in a Tom Collins or Gin Rickey. While both work, I prefer the addition of a small amount of sweetening to give the gin some balance.

The gin’s bold flavors stand up well with other strong ingredients. This is an ideal Negroni gin, with the citrus and herbal notes melding nicely with Campari and Vermouth.

Beyond these applications, I found it to be a challenging gin to mix with.

Overall, Herbit Gin New Black

It’s very citrus forward, with all of those berries accentuating that note. The leafy green herbal facets and gentle spice lend it some balance, but overall it’s a bit light on juniper— which is slightly ironic given that’s exactly the note it could use to round out the flavor.

Fans of contemporary style gins might like that boldly contemporary flavor profile, but others might find it a bit lacking in balance.

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