Harahorn Cask Aged Gin

Flavor Profile

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Harahorn Cask Aged Gin is aged for one year in former Oloroso Sherry barrels.

Tasting notes

Color: Goldenrod, transparent

Aroma: Wow, vivid sherry. Sweet with a fair amount of oak and grape. Hints of vanillin sit atop waxy, dark juniper and pine bark.

Flavor: Lots of vanillin character on the palate upon entry. Creamy, with a hint of custard. The heart is bold, punchy juniper berry with a strong background nite of oak. Quickly spice comes through: cinnamon, cassia, forest floor, waxy juniper and a touch of pecan nuttiness

Finish: fairly long and quite dry. There’s a fair amount of oak tannins, but this is also where the Oloroso sherry briefly shows itself, lengthening the flavor of the botanicals. Cubeb, barrel, white port, and a touch of pine sit warmly at the edges of the palate.

Contains and suggested serves

The sherry character stands out best when sipped neat, but there’s some good gin and barrel character that also makes it a good Negroni aged gin.

Overall, Harahorn Cask Aged Gin

The main critique might be a tad too much barrel influence, especially early. However, I think the way the Sherry expresses itself is quite beautiful and the balance of botanical and barrel is there. Overall, it’s a great choice of barrel in the way that it adds something, as if a botanical in its own right.


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